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NXT 1 2.0 Coming Soon..🚀

Updated: Jun 26

Since the start, NXT 1's mission has been to build the world's most advanced and comprehensive sports recruiting technology. Our journey has been fueled by an unwavering dedication to empowering athletes and fundamentally reshaping the future landscape of recruitment.

In an era where the traditional methods of scouting and connecting have often left aspiring athletes navigating an uneven playing field, NXT 1 has emerged as a beacon of innovation and empowerment. We recognized the need for a revolutionary platform that not only keeps pace with the advancing digital era of sports recruitment but also propels athletes toward greater opportunities.

NXT 1 2.0 is a catalyst for change in an industry that demands dynamism, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our commitment extends beyond our technological abilities; it's a pledge to level the playing field, ensuring that every athlete, regardless of background or circumstance, has access to the tools and resources needed to transform their dreams into reality.

As we approach the milestone release of NXT 1 2.0, this commitment stands stronger than ever. The upcoming version is a quantum leap forward in recruiting, an embodiment of our mission to provide athletes with the means to seize control of their destinies, chart their paths, and define success on their terms.

With that, let's dive into it:

What is NXT 1 2.0?

At its core, NXT 1 2.0 is a fusion of cutting-edge technologies seamlessly integrated into an intuitive application. The essence lies in its comprehensive coverage of every aspect that significantly impacts an athlete's journey to the NXT level.

NXT 1's approach was rooted in the belief that athletes deserved a seamless, integrated experience. This meant not only providing a wide array of features but also ensuring they were of the highest quality. The platform is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for athletes to showcase their talents, connect with coaches, and access valuable resources, all in one place.

Why are we building it?

The landscape of recruiting services has long been fragmented, with various platforms offering specific features (not all well-designed). Recognizing the challenges athletes faced in navigating this dispersed ecosystem and how costly it can be, the need for a unified recruiting platform became prevalent. By combining everything needed for successful recruitment into a single, cohesive platform, we sought to eliminate the complexities and challenges associated with navigating multiple recruiting services.

Drumroll....what are the features?

College Library 2.0:

  • Enhancing our premiere feature from the NXT 1 App V1.

  • Access a comprehensive database of 85k college coaches' contact info, questionnaires, camps, team, and academic information.

  • Now available on the NXT 1 app, we are extending the college library to our website, allowing coaches and services to access these valuable recruiting resources anytime, anywhere.

  • Send mass personalized emails directly in the app through your personal email provider—a feature that truly sets us apart!

Highlight Maker Pro:

  • Choose from a wide range of video templates to create vertical and horizontal highlight videos, workout mixtapes, Instagram posts, motion graphics, and more.

  • Empowering athletes and coaches to showcase their talents and achievements with professionally designed video content.

Graphics Maker Pro:

  • Design custom graphics tailored for recruiting and promotion, including business cards, Instagram posts, Twitter banners, stat cards, announcement cards, and more.

  • Create personalized visuals to enhance your online presence and make a lasting impression on coaches and recruiters.

Prospect Profile Templates:

  • Generate personalized prospect sheets with various background and color themes, featuring all necessary athlete information for college coaches.

  • Empowering athletes to create dozens of professional-looking profiles to share with recruiters and post on social media platforms.

Email Automations:

  • Simplify the outreach process with automated email campaigns that send personalized messages for each college coach based on selected schools from your own email.

  • Track email engagement and automate follow-ups to streamline communication and maximize recruiting efforts.

Activity Tracking:

  • Monitor email interactions, questionnaire submissions, and college camp attendance to stay organized and informed throughout the recruiting process.

  • Gain insights into coach engagement such as what coaches viewed your emails, and follow-up opportunities to optimize recruitment strategies.

Offer Cards:

  • Automatically receive customized offer cards to share on social media platforms when receiving offers from colleges.

  • Celebrate and share achievements with personalized graphics tailored to each athlete and college.

Recruit AI Bot:

  • Access instant recruiting guidance and support with an AI-powered chatbot that answers questions and provides insights on the recruiting process.

  • Empower athletes with on-demand assistance and expert advice without the need for consultations.

New Dynamic Email/Social Templates:

  • Choose from an expanded collection from version 1 of text templates for email and social media to craft impactful messages for college coaches.

  • Enhance communication with professionally crafted templates designed to make a positive impression on recruiters.

Prospect Center:

  • All athletes who sign up will go to the NXT 1 Prospect Center, a online comprehensive database where athletes' prospect profiles are available for college recruiters to discover and evaluate.

  • Increase visibility and connect with recruiters through a centralized hub for dynamic recruiting profiles with a sleek video preview.

Team Websites & Tools:

  • NXT 1 will provide teams and there coaches with a suite of recruiting tools, including the college library, graphic and video templates, customizable team websites, alongside all the tools for there athletes.

  • Optimize team recruiting efforts and digital presence with integrated features designed for team and athlete promotion.

Recruiting Information:

  • Access comprehensive recruiting resources and information to support athletes throughout the recruitment process.

  • Stay informed and empowered with valuable insights and guidance on navigating the recruiting landscape.

NXT 1 Center:

  • Gain access to a wealth of guides and instructional materials covering various aspects of recruiting optimization and app support.

  • Equip users with the knowledge and resources needed to maximize their recruiting efforts and succeed in their athletic endeavors.

Media Pro:

  • Extending access to graphic and video templates beyond the app, providing coaches and services with the tools to create professional-grade content.

  • Empowering teams and organizations to elevate their branding and promotion efforts with customizable templates tailored to their needs.

Who is it for?

NXT 1 is tailor-made for 19 NCAA-certified sports, which include: football, baseball, softball, basketball, track & field, volleyball, soccer, golf, lacrosse, ice hockey, swimming & diving, field hockey, tennis, cross country, gymnastics, wrestling, bowling, rowing, and water polo.

NXT 1 2.0 will be available for athletes/parents, high school teams and athletic departments, club teams, coaches, and recruiting services.

Get Ready!

As we dive into deeper development, the release will be revealed at a later date. For teams eager to be at the forefront of this revolution, we're introducing the option to preorder NXT 1 2.0. By doing so, you not only ensure early access but also play a crucial role in expediting our journey to redefine the recruiting experience.


We stand at the brink of a new era for recruiting and NXT 1. The release of NXT 1 2.0 marks not just an upgrade but a giant leap toward redefining the landscape of athletic recruitment. We embarked on this journey with a mission, and today, as we glimpse the horizon, we're grateful for the community that will make this happen.

The journey doesn't end here; it evolves. As we eagerly anticipate the release date, your support becomes the fuel for our passion. This is a journey we undertake together. Stay tuned, stay excited, and get ready to embrace the NXT 1 2.0 experience.

On behalf of the NXT 1 team, thank you for being part of this transformative adventure. The best is yet to come.

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