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Introducing NXT 1 Sports 🔥

Introducing NXT 1 Sports, a sports technology company revolutionizing athletic recruitment. Building to become the worlds greatest recruiting technology, we're on a transformative journey driven by cutting-edge innovation and a commitment to empower athletes and teams. Let's delve into the extraordinary features of our current platform and catch a glimpse of what's on the horizon.

The NXT 1 App: Maximizing Athletic Exposure

The NXT 1 App is the face of our powerful suite of recruiting resources.

Empowering Exposure:

In a realm where many talented athletes go unnoticed due to a lack of resources or not enough exposure to college coaches nationwide, the NXT 1 App 1.0 emerges as the beacon that shines on their path to recognition. A key feature that attains this is the college library which powers athletes with a intuitive navigation of 85k+ college coach contacts, quick search filters, unlimited college favorites, D1-JUCO (camps, questionnaires, & college/sport information), personalized mass emails, and more.

Personalized Engagement:

A major lack of recruiting software today is the fact that all emails from recruits are sent from a central source which causes trust and spam unreliability while decreasing clicks on their messages. For this reason, the integration of email connection within the app's framework is strategic. Sending emails from an athlete's personal email account enhances the authenticity and effectiveness of their outreach. This feature eliminates unreliability and allows for faster and authentic connections.

Recruit Profile Optimization:

All athletes who sign up with NXT 1 receive a growing dynamic canvas of templates designed to optimize their recruiting. From a prospect sheet profile that displays comprehensive information about your athlete to diverse email/social media templates, we ensure they stand out in the digital crowd. See below for what 2.0 brings to our diverse set of templates.

Comprehensive Resources:

The NXT 1 App supports athletes through a wide array of resources. From an extensive collection of NCAA-NAIA recruiting resources and a line of growing recruiting guides, athletes are equipped with knowledge that transcends standard recruitment platforms.

Player Highlights:

Although separate from the app, athletes can receive a customized and high quality highlight video from our team that is optimized for the growing digital recruiting era. These videos significantly grow social athletic branding and boost your exposure nationwide.

What's Next: A Sneak Peek into NXT 1's Future

As we celebrate the present, we also look forward to the future. Exciting features are on the horizon, promising to elevate the NXT 1 experience. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the supercharged NXT 1 app 2.0 which includes:

  • The new teams platform

  • Team recruiting/media websites

  • In-app player highlight videos (dozens of templates included)

  • Dozens of new prospect sheet templates

  • Email automation tool

  • Activity tracking

  • A recruit AI bot

  • The NXT 1 center (recruit 101 guides)

  • Recruit card templates (save as a image or download with a QR code on the back)

  • New email/social media templates

  • Banner templates

  • And more..

All these will be seamlessly integrated into the app for athletes and teams. Get ready for these features as we update our progress on our website, blog and social media pages.

The Journey Starts Here

NXT 1 is bringing synergy between cutting-edge technology and a passion for recruits to see athletic success. Join us on the path to creating the worlds greatest sports recruiting technology, where every feature is creatively designed to amplify talent, and most importantly help athletes reach their goals of playing sports at the college level.

Get started using the NXT 1 app today FREE!

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