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  • What is NXT 1?
    NXT 1 serves as a recruitment platform for athletes to maximize their exposure with complete access to college coaches’ emails, social media accounts, & phone numbers together with tools to connect with them fast & effectively. NXT 1’s full solution continues to aid athletes with the ability to sign up for camps, fill out recruitment questionnaires & provides academic info for each college. NXT 1’s mission is to help athletes receive a scholarship & fulfill their dreams of playing college sports.
  • What is a prospect sheet?
    A prospect sheet is a set of contact, athletic & and academic information that is highlighted for college coaches & and provides them with key information they are looking for. Share your prospect sheet with coaches to give yourself the best opportunity to get recruited.
  • What are templates used for?
    Email templates are used in order to send appropriate emails to coaches and create a positive first impression. Additionally, this will eliminate writing each email individually & make the process faster. The purpose of the social media template is to copy in your bio to give college coaches that view your social media accounts a proper introduction.
  • Why can’t I change my account email?
    Your account email serves as your unique identifier in our database and aids in preventing unauthorized usage of the platform.
  • How will coaches contact me back?
    NXT 1 allows you to instantly reach coaches through many different platforms. You will receive communication back from coaches via your own personal accounts (Email, social media & phone)
  • Why only twitter(X) for coaches?
    Twitter is the main social media app that coaches from every sport prefer to reach, engage with & evaluate athletes they are interested in recruiting. We will add other social media apps if active recruitment in those platforms continue to rise
  • Why should I share my offers?
    1. Encourages other athletes to complete the actions necessary to get an offer. 2. Enhances your publicity because other athletes will be able to see your accomplishments & follow you on your social media through our app. 3. Adds to your prospect sheet so coaches are aware of the additional offers you have received.
  • How do emails send individually when grouped together?
    Personalize emails & group multiple coaches from the same or different colleges in one email. Our high-speed merging system will automatically separate them & send them individually.
  • When will I need to renew my account?
    If you have the unlimited package your account will automatically renew annually from the signup date unless you opt out or delete your account.
  • How do I refer a friend?
    1. Tap your profile picture on the home page. 2. Tap on “Refer a Friend”. 3. Tap on “Invite” bar. 4. Send to your friend through your preferred method of communication. 5. Your friend will receive a link to our website where they can sign up. 6. Once they sign up, you will see your discount in ‘My Referrals’ under settings.
  • How do discounts work if I refer people to NXT 1?
    When you refer friends to NXT 1, your $30 off discount(s) apply for your upcoming year(s) with NXT 1. The first year is always the regular price, than any year after you stay with us would be discounted based on your referrals. For example: If you refer 3 friends during your first year using NXT 1, Your nxt 3 following years would be $30 off. The first year would still be the same price. If any more questions, please contact us at:
  • Should I continue to use NXT 1 if I have received an offer?
    Yes! You want to keep connecting with more coaches to expand your choices for attending the ideal college for you academically & athletically.
  • How do I send emails to coaches with my email provider?
    To connect your provider to send personal emails to coaches, first you will need a Microsoft or Google mail account (We are adding yahoo mail soon). Please note, many schools or businesses (ie use one of these providers, so please make sure to know which one your school or business uses. Next, all you have to do is sign up and before you go to send your first email, we will send you to a connection point where you just agree to allow your emails to be sent from NXT 1, and boom your done! All emails you send from NXT 1 will be from your personal email. Note: If prospect sheet has a personal email other than your Gmail or Microsoft address it is suggested to change it on prospect sheet. If any questions, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to guide your further!
  • How to connect emails?
    Choose Provider (Gmail or Microsoft) Gmail Steps: Enter Current Gmail address or select create account. Under verification - Select advanced Select go to Select Continue Email connected. Select Done Microsoft Steps: Enter Current Microsoft email address or create account Select stay signed in Email connected. Select Done Note: If Pop up -Let app access your info- Select Accept Emails are solely used to allow recruitable athletes a more reliable and secure pathway to connect with college coaches.


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