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Best Ways To Make A Well-Crafted Highlight Reel

A standout highlight video can be your ticket to catch the eye of college coaches and secure opportunities at the collegiate level. Here are the best ways to make a well-crafted highlight reel that maximizes your recruiting potential.

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1. Start With Your Top Ten Best Plays

Quality over quantity is key when selecting clips for your highlight video. Begin by researching what coaches typically look for in players at your position. Understanding these specific criteria will help you tailor your highlight reel to showcase the attributes most valued by coaches.

Compile your first ten best plays that align with what coaches seek at your position, ensure that they show your athleticism, technique, decision-making, and overall contribution to the game. Strategically prioritize these plays by featuring these clips first. This approach will capture their attention and make a lasting impression.

Remember, you only have a limited amount of time to make an impact, so make every second count.

2. Add Personal Information

it's crucial to include essential personal details in your highlight video. This information helps coaches identify you and facilitates communication if they're interested in recruiting you. Include your full name, primary position, height, and weight to provide coaches with a comprehensive overview of your physical attributes.

Furthermore, don't forget to include your contact information, such as your email address and phone number. Providing clear and accurate contact details ensures that coaches can easily reach out to you to discuss potential opportunities. Add this information in a concise and easily accessible format, such as a brief text overlay at the beginning or end of your highlight reel.

3. Showcase Your Versatility

College coaches are looking for well-rounded athletes who can contribute in various aspects of the game. Highlighting your versatility in your highlight video is crucial for catching the attention of college coaches and showcasing your ability to excel in different aspects of the game.

By featuring a mix of plays, as well as moments that highlight your decision-making and tactical understanding of the game, you provide coaches with a comprehensive view of your capabilities as a versatile athlete.

Additionally, don't limit yourself to showcasing skills specific to your primary position. If you have the ability to play multiple positions or contribute in different roles on the field/court, be sure to include clips that highlight these capabilities. Demonstrating versatility not only increases your value as a recruit but also showcases your potential to make a significant impact on the team in various roles.

4. Keep it Concise & Highlight Yourself

While it's tempting to include every highlight-worthy moment, aim for a highlight reel between a few minutes in length. This duration allows you to maintain the coaches attention while ensuring that every clip packs a punch. A key way to reduce the length of your highlight videos is to cut out unnecessary footage before or after the clip.

As you compile your plays, remember to highlight yourself within each clip. Make it easy for coaches to identify you by ensuring that you are visible in each play. This small detail can significantly enhance the viewing experience, allowing them to track your performance seamlessly throughout the video.

5. Include Context

Provide context to give college coaches a clearer understanding of your performance. Include relevant information such as the opponent, situation, and game score. This adds depth to your highlights and allows coaches to assess your abilities thoroughly.

By providing context, coaches can gauge the level of competition you faced, the significance of each play within the game, and how you performed under different circumstances. This additional information enables recruiters to make more informed evaluations of your skills and potential as a athlete.

6. Use High-Quality Footage

Presentation matters, so be sure to use high-quality footage for your highlight video. Opt for clear, crisp footage that showcases your skills in the best possible light. Avoid shaky or low-resolution clips that distract coaches from your performance.

7. Update Regularly

As you continue to progress and excel in your sport, be sure to update your highlight videos regularly. Create new videos that showcase your latest achievements and skills, ensuring your videos remains current and reflective of your evolving abilities.


A well-crafted highlight video can make or break your recruiting. They are vital when trying to capture the attention of college coaches and recruiters. By following these tips, you can create a standout highlight reel that effectively showcases your skills, athleticism, and potential as a collegiate athlete.


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