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Maximizing Exposure For Rising Athletes.

Building The World's Greatest Sports Recruiting Technology..

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Get ready for the revolution in sports recruiting technology. Jam-packed with features, NXT 1 is dropping the most advanced recruiting

platform to date.

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The Full Suite of Recruiting Resources.

NXT 1 offers a comprehensive suite of recruiting tools for athletes with everything they need from start to finish. The NXT 1 App features range from 85k+ college coach contacts, in-depth college information, send personalized emails inside the app, built in email & social templates, recruit guides & resources, camp update notifications, a robust player prospect sheet, & more..


The game is about to change with NXT 1 2.0. Brace yourself for a revolution in athlete recruiting as we introduce a new teams platform & a supercharged recruit app. Get ready for cutting edge features which include automated player highlight videos templates, graphic card templates, prospect profile templates, optimized team websites & tools, magic email campaigns, activity tracking, viewed emails, a recruit AI assistant, the prospect center database, the NXT 1 center, new templates for email & social media, and recruit profile optimization—all seamlessly integrated into NXT 1 for athletes & teams. Coming soon...

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'' This app came at the perfect time! My son is getting exposure to all the colleges he choose lightning fast. On top of that...all the tedious work has been done for us. The best part is the cost. OMG! It's only a fraction of the cost of other major companies applications and NXT 1 does more. I salute the developers on this one. Thanks! ''

" By Far the best experience recruiting app! So many great features. Since I have used this program I have received 7 offers from colleges that have never seen me before. Amazing work and only getting better. Thanks! 10/10 "


Athlete Parent



Nationwide Exposure. 🚀  

More Exposure = More Opportunities.

Getting in front of college coaches is key to receiving a scholarship. Our cutting-edge NXT 1 App features give athletes what they need to get recognized across the country while also guiding them through the recruiting process. Available on any mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.


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Find 85k+

College Coaches 

Contact Coaches

Fast In The App 

Built In

Prospect Sheet

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Maximize Exposure.

Come See What The Hypes About.

Highlight videos are fundamental for an athlete's recruiting success. At NXT 1, the future of highlight reels is being made. Stay tuned for NXT 1 2.0, where athletes will have a wide array of dynamic highlight video templates to customize around them. We optimize them to current digital recruiting standards and make it easy for athletes to showcase their talents. Coming soon..


Xavier Perry


Point Guard | 6’1, 3.7 GPA | McKeel Academy (FL) | Class of ‘24

Outstanding athlete. All around player. Versatile on both sides of the ball. 1k scorer.


Isabelle Bardin


S/RS | 6’3 | Metro VBC | Class of '25

2023 VISAA 1st Team All State. ISL All League. 2023-2021 State Champion. Amazing player with high ceiling!


Gabriel Mansel


QB | 6’1, 195 lbs | Copley (OH) | Class of ‘24


Jade Diaz


SS | Canyon HS (CA) | Class of '25


The Best Highlights In The Nation.

Sports We Support.

All Men’s & Women’s D1, D2, D3, NAIA, & JUCO Coaches in our database.

Sports We Support

The Mission Is Clear.

All athletes should have a resource that optimizes their recruiting success and makes it easy to showcase their talents to create real exposure to colleges.


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Graduating Student

Its About Your Future.

With the right resources, you give yourself an advantage over others. Our mission is to provide everything athletes need from start to finish for their journey.

Train. Perform. Get Noticed.

Do it for the love of the game. How athletes train & perform is only part of the battle. They must stand out & grow their presence to more college coaches to receive offers.

Football Player

Get Started Today!

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'' I cannot say enough about this app. VERY easy to use and saves me so much money. This app will help your players control and improve their odds of playing in college! Thank you ''

" This app is the best recruiting app I have ever seen it is actually amazing I got so many texts from colleges and they made a template to use to send mass emails to colleges and my recruiting has skyrocketed. Thank you so much to creators. Big love from Idaho ❤️ "


Athlete Parent



Stay in The Know.

Discover a growing depth of recruiting insights, updates on NXT 1 2.0, support tutorials and playmakers around the nation. Our blog is your go-to resource for being in the loop. Stay informed, stay motivated, and stay ahead of the game.

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